About Us


Though we only have been together since 2013, our history is deeper than one would expect. In 1967, members of Carpathia formed a successful brass band and played for various events in and outside of the club until sometime in the early 1970’s. In April of 2013, George Schleis was approached by the Carpathia Club to see if it would be possible to form a Carpathia Brass Band again for the 100th Anniversary Celebration. George partnered with Matthias Eichmann as the Musical Director, and for the first practice on April 14th 2013, a total of five musicians came to start practicing. Among those five were in fact three members of the original Carpathia Blaskapelle: Wolfgang Behring, Joe Karner, and George Schleis. During the next four weeks, the word was spread around and the number of musicians increased, and we performed with a total of 22 musicians.

Since we received only positive reactions from the audiences at the 100th Anniversary, Carpathia’s Fathers Day Celebration and Oktoberfest, we decided to keep practicing. In January 2013 we formed a board, changed the name officially to “Carpathia Blasmusikanten”, and became the newest “Untergruppe” of the Carpathia Club.

Today our Blaskapelle is made up of about 26 playing members whose ages range from 13 and up whom all share the same passion for the traditional “Egerländer Blasmusik”.