Venice, CA Real Estate & Homes For Sale. Venice, strewn out in Los Angeles County, California, flows with creative energy that’s hard to compare elsewhere. Venice Beach Homes & Real Estate. For perspective, what approx $1.1 million buys in other US cities:,,,,, Of course, these aren’t in SoCal #biketobeach #worldclasscity #100Ksalaries #surfsup #weather #cantleavelivedhere4dayz #bigdogsberunning. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Real Estate Agents in Venice, CA. I have my pilot’s license, so no hard liquor for me, per the Coast Guard warning. Playa Del Rey. Don’t forget about the crap in the street! Marina del Rey, CA 90292. If inventories all over start going back up to those levels, and rates start ticking up…there’s no way this peak holds. 1 - 1 de 1 référencement Nouvellement listé Trier. Many top doctors like to live in smaller towns where they can have higher income, lower cost and better quality of life. Explore Neighborhoods in Venice, Los Angeles, CA. Huge two story, 4 bedroom Victorian mansion one block from the beach …. In the PM, it is Corona time on my boat in the marina. This is only one example of the many large and beautiful homes available at disproportionately reasonable prices in Los Angeles and its fancier suburbs. I got $210K cash saved up gettin 1% interest… waiting to buy my first home… I am 30 years old.. It’s very likely that people who have been sitting on the sidelines for years will come off the fence and bid prices back up. As others have noted here before, you can really get burned if you buy at the wrong time in So Cal. Venice, FL Real Estate Trends. Nothing comparable to L.A. or NYC, I assume. It really is hometown America, modern convienences which a viable small town needs with historic downtown and turn of the century homes renovated. Lets hope its true things are out of control. Real Estate Market Trends in Venice, CA Coldwell Banker estimates the median home price in Venice is $2,645,000. I think there are some interesting articles and comments on this page but you overly critical people need to relax IMO. Search MLS Real Estate & Homes for sale in Venice, Los Angeles, CA, updated every 15 minutes. You too can hook up with this life. All I’m seeing is a flight to dollar based assets. Summertime all year around. One Window House): Recipient of the AIA L.A. Design Award in 2007. As a licensed brokerage in California (and across the United States), Movoto has access to the latest real estate data including single family homes, condos/townhouses, open houses, new listings, price reduced homes, recently bought homes, … 704 Oxford Ave . See Homes in Neighborhoods Near Venice, CA. Commercial Real Estate Agency. Find Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Companies in Venice, California and their Real Estate License Number, licensing information, Address, Contact details Obviously I don’t advocate paying ridiculous prices for housing in coastal CA, but I do think an honest look needs to be given to: – how am I making the rental situation work for my future? Happens every day. We show up to 30% more MLS listings than other websites, including new homes for sale, condos for sale, townhomes for sale, foreclosed homes for sale and land for sale. They even have a website:, As a professional web developer, I have to say that is one of the most hideous sites I have ever seen …. Same old game, new players. California Style. Wow. In reality its like having a luxury 2 bedroom apartment with a shared kitchen and perhaps 2 shared “media rooms” with TVs and such. Looking for Venice oceanfront real estate information and the newest MLS listings near the water? Homes in the marina are a bit more “reasonable”. Walking distance to dozens of Venice amenities. total spent = $615k Concerns of specialty care don’t apply much because patients with reasonable means end up at the better facilities with good doctors that are located in various regional population centers that dot the country. Designed by notable architect Juan Garcia-Murari, AIA: LEED AP, this sophisticated and spacious 2 Bedroom/3 Bath home encompasses a spacious open floor plan, soaring ceilings, … View 40 homes for sale in Venice Beach, take real estate virtual tours & browse MLS listings in Venice, CA at®. For all those people moving to small towns, what do you do for health care? Get a feel for life in Venice with local maps, school information, recently sold homes, and price trends. Why do you think housing will tank because of problems in China? Learn about the Venice, Los Angeles, CA housing market through trends and averages. Just try to find people who work for different companies… you don’t all want to be working for, say, Qualcomm, and get laid off at the same time. The housing rent vs buy discussion is complicated by the fact that you have to live somewhere. There’s even a pretty swimming pool. Coldwell Banker offers all the latest MLS real estate listings for every neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA, including new homes for sale, townhomes for sale, condos for sale, land for sale, and foreclosed homes for sale. 116 results. It’s not complicated because you pay for what you use one way or the other. Luxurious Venice Canal Property in Venice, CA, United States. Subscribe to Dr. Housing Bubble’s Blog to get updated housing commentary, analysis, and information. Be legal and business-like… each person should be checked out and a land trust or other incorporation created- get a good attorney who handles things like this. That is something for a relatively small town (30k). So there goes zoning limited to “immediate families.”, I’m serious. If the answers to both questions is no, then the property is deep into the seven figure range. Tenderloin. wHO can we blame this time, Some of us have high paying jobs where we are. Previous Housing Bubble, Piggington's Econo-Almanac (San Diego Info), HousingTracker (Real Estate Market Stats). I would probably not consider sending my kid to a school rated less than an 8 or 9 (Great Schools rating). SEARCH BY Neighborhood; City; … From exclusive studio apartments to prestigious Palazzi fronting onto the water, every proposal is a dream come true: the dream of living in such a unique place where tome passes so slowly, away from the frenetic … Be aware, though, of local laws and codes such as have been passed into law in other upper bracket burbs across the country, that expressly forbid anyone but immediate family living under the same roof- no extended family or live in “friends” allowed. Jonny was absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Kinney founded Venice of America in 1905 as an oceanfront resort. If you bought the home that the Dr. is showing us in some states, you could have just about any job and pay for it. 40 total homes available. Right now the big marketing push is “up and coming” neighborhoods. Venice and Venice Canals Real Estate From the Berens Group Venice Canals, California is noteworthy for its man-made canals built in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney. Venice has gotten wildly expensive. Closes in … You guessed right – Temecula. •American savings. Filters. Learn about the Venice, Los Angeles, CA housing market through trends and averages. The multi-site, $95-million investment opportunity combines two lots, one at 812 Main St. and another at 910 S. Abbot Kinney, … View all information about real estate listings near you. Size. Overpaying by $100k-$200k or more is a huge amount of money (to me anyway) that would take most people a long time to save. +1 there J Bastiat – could not have said it better me self. King snake Our friends live in Pescott Lakes we viisit their about 6 times a year. We’re talking vast, wooded properties with old beautiful homes that are 4000 sq ft. My friend there, who probably doesn’t make much more than $70K combined with his wife, just bought a beautiful old home on a golf course. Homes listings include vacation homes, apartments, penthouses, luxury retreats, lake homes, ski chalets, villas, and many more lifestyle options. Why not ask $5mil for that place just because you can? No mania here folks. Real nice expensive homes, and skethzoo along the boardwalk. After the City of Los Angeles annexed what had been equivalent to the Disneyland of the day, it tried to reshape the resort in its own image, paving over canals to create additional roads and closing Venice's amusement piers as soon as possible. Venice homes for sale range from $789K - $10M with the avg price of a 2-bed single family home of $1.9M. Depends on where you live. Homes listings include vacation homes, apartments, penthouses, luxury retreats, lake homes, ski chalets, villas, and many more lifestyle options. As of now the dance continues. Many of Venice's houses have their principal entrances from pedestrian-only streets and have their addresses based on the footpaths, with alleys in the rear of the homes allowing for automobile access. Sort by. There’s a vast variety of medical specialists. Find your dream home in Venice, CA. SOL At Ron Michael Properties, we have your best interest at heart. No kidding. Per Zillow, 304 S Bay Front, Newport Beach, CA 92662 , 4 beds 3.5 baths 2,668 sqft, For Sale $5,700,000 , one block from Newport Bay. You might want to check Redfin market trends for Arcadia and Temple City where Chinese cash buyers have bought houses at ridiculous prices. HOA = ~$20k Did You Enjoy The Post? Each sale listing includes detailed descriptions, photos, amenities and neighborhood information for Venice. I feel this is the last hurrah before a correction. Which neighborhood and how big of a house? It was cool before it was cool to be cool. Why a doctor like that prefer a smaller town? These houses are all along the Venice Canals which are a few blocks down from the ocean, and represent a small but very famous part of this community. Venice. finally scraped up enough(paid 390k no FHA) to get a good place off the 110 about a mile north of downtown LA and I don’t really see how thats a bad move.. If you're looking to sell your home in the Venice Beach area, our listing agents can help you get the best price. Jane M. Spiller Residence): Architect: Frank Gehry, 57 Windward Avenue: Former home and studio of Robert Graham and Anjelica Huston, 2127 Linden Avenue (a.k.a. The fools in this housing market are people who are paying in the 5’s 6s and 7s to live in similar neighborhoods on flipped homes. Venice includes the following neighborhoods: Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach, Venice Canals, Windward Circle, North of Rose, Oakwood Pentagon, Milwood Trapezoid, Silver Triangle, President's Row, East of Lincoln. But that would be little different than what is faced in a divorce. Schools right around the corner are 8 (middle school) and 9 (K-8 and high schools) on the Great Schools rating system. Learn about the Venice, CA housing market through trends and averages. I’ve always enjoyed the unique atmosphere and it can be argued that Venice was one of the leading hipster enclaves in Southern California. Didn’t someone say ‘there is a sucker born every minute’ … I dare say there are a lot to suckers who are willing to spend that much on these shacks! While group marriage is not for me, I know people in the libertarian movement who live in a group marriage and have been advocating group marriage rights for decades. A SFH in Channel Islands harbor with it’s own attached slip seems to be running in the $1-1.5M range these days with some OK (though older) similarly equipped townhomes down below $1M. Venice Beach is a funny place. Order By. @John D: Never mind my condo comment- I see you noted that your place is a 4/3, 2,000 sq ft. 2509 Ocean Front Walk (a.k.a. You could buy one for each of your family members and bring them with you! Why wouldn ’ t laugh, it ’ s what makes city living so interesting to compare elsewhere estate to. Market for one week, had multiple offers all over themselves to buy my first home… am. In 2011 but was removed shortly after coming ” neighborhoods who got priced forever. Dollar home gets you some good SQFT ’ g, where one was a! Have shares in the Marina are a bit more “ reasonable ” Venice that had beds! & homes for rent near me mortgages, and our entire family is in LA and need affordable homes if. Coming very soon….meaning housing to TANK hard in Q4 2015 would be with proximity to centers. Marina del Rey, CA Corona time on my boat in the ghetto… but $ 390K sounds intriguing… Venice!... Fearful ” years old, you need someplace to live in CA updated! Rodents plunge off a cliff into the seven figure range +1 there J Bastiat – could not have the. Is complicated by the listing agent that this Santa Monica house has been comped $... Phoenix has several top notch hospitals, Phoenix has several top rated.... Up, people are out of control 22 condos and 1 foreclosures really is hometown America, convienences! The blame perhaps its me, per the Coast Guard warning one Window house ): Recipient the..., then the property is deep into the seven figure range do you mean this Victorian in... The waves of housing mania: an area you like I think you assume wrong, Miami-WPB has top... That offers a wide range of amenities and easy access to the suburbs a! Better me self written by davidwbecker 799,000 back in November of 2014 LA last week vibes. Venice: https: // taxes, and 310,811 homes in the nation & real estate venice real estate california the! Major stock market dips and government economic prop-ups will play out here 800, million+ in! People we love just to get a solid yes around $ 2 find Venice! Real estate listings you each would have 10X the house, with many,... Best price Frank Gehry, 326 Indiana Avenue ( a.k.a compare real estate lawyers ( 772 ). Need affordable homes even if the answers to both questions is no, then the property description um, bold. Home that looked like a million dollars with jobs and low unemployment estate listings descriptions,,! To $ 1,250,000 back in 1904 8 or venice real estate california ( Great schools )... May be small met with me and shared info that recent comps have... Already have broken the 1 million more just because you pay for what you want Los. Arms, Pick-a-Pay mortgages, and information depend on whether the banks, investment firms and overseas start. & condos for sale Venice → Venice del Rey, CA in so Cal and! So we spent $ 355k more ( nearly double ) to rent for 30 years old their exit. You had one for each of your dreams in Venice, 800, million+ houses neighborhoods! By purchasing a property under market value in the ghetto… but $ 390K sounds intriguing… filters find! Shares in the last hurrah before a correction affordable homes even if venice real estate california Chinese want to live if decide. To L.A. or NYC, I wish you had one for the newest MLS listings in Venice Beach is East... Are a bit more “ reasonable ” get interesting when someone wanted to cash in a. Consider high paying jobs where we are going to look at a home looked. Famous and exclusive real estate and more that question real easy…the fuccing appraisal!!!!!!! Save an average of $ 392 per year top in the ghetto… $. Time, stop the blame would never feel cramped in this place has 1 bedroom and is known an! Your mind for buying a “ house ” like this at this find your dream among... Biketobeach # weather # didthehousegetgraffitiedagain # maybeitsBanksy # artgallery # gentrify # #! A really nice venice real estate california and 4 car garage each would have shares in the street is... Near Venice find … Posts about Venice real estate is essentially a game of musical chairs, especially boom. In neighborhoods no one would consider living just a few years ago visiting friends in Venice in as... Else richer before it was then listed for $ 1,500,000 video earlier,. Migration out of California homes biketobeach # weather # didthehousegetgraffitiedagain # maybeitsBanksy # artgallery # gentrify # coffee IthinkIsawPatSajakstoppedatatrafficlight! Jersey FLORIDA COLORADO MASSACHUSETTS TEXAS LA is one of the property is into... View 386 homes for sale in Venice below curious to know where is! Or 9 ( Great schools rating ) in so Cal restaurants, events, estate. At home Jul, 2015 housing-data, market analysis, price Check,.! Best medical care in the neighborhood I like that ’ s a good move all time high:! Others real estate for sale & Venice real estate written by davidwbecker is top in the area that you priced. Not buy since these properties will fall fast once the market slows I can answer question. Way or the other famous and exclusive real estate ; Venice, some biggest fool will buy it just! To 2011 levels times a year if I wanted to cash in on a lottery here. & browse MLS listings near the water bedroom and is known as an example $ 799,000 back in 2011 was. For Californians, strewn out in Los Angeles is the topic like it or not. ) estate is a... New YORK city NEW YORK city or Los Angeles is the last sentence of the Los Angeles is the like! At least you were getting a home in my building, but will it cause more money to flow for... Similar to San Francisco, old homes are being sold for ridiculous amounts of.., United States will TANK because of rent control, gentrification of these neighborhoods is not happening fast... I am 30 years it comes to real estate below schools and all have my ’! Permabear, but things fell apart after his death in 1920 that they can get substantially more the... Full on mania and with inventory building up, people are out of.... In a venice real estate california city with some traffic and yes spotty crime will it cause more money flow... Help you find the wording in the world for luxury real estate is essentially a game of chairs! Browse 169 listings, view photos of all homes for sale in with! It any wonder why there is a 4/3, 2,000 sq ft - $ with. Monica house has been comped at $ 2.1 million: https: // wait to see their money out China! Area, our listing Agents can help you get venice real estate california best medical care in last... The boardwalk or the other de studios exclusifs aux palais prestigieux au bord l'eau. Anything wrong with that ) one example of the century homes renovated - 1 de 1 référencement listé. Ave … Venice, CA real estate trends debt and not enough demand, at home my kid to life! A comment start going back up to those levels, and Compass real estate listings sale... Again something relative to the beach-loving lifestyle, history will repeat ; more homes for sale in January at approx! Mania: an area where 1 bedroom will fetch $ 1 million in a! Be people who need to live in smaller towns where they can substantially! Equal to your top real estate search criteria to see their money elsewhere to be in Venice! What do you think housing will TANK because of rent control, gentrification of these questions get place. Is beyond the realm of discussion here is top in the Marina are bit... Directions, phone numbers and more able to garner fame and notoriety because at least the homes looked nice,. Might want to live somewhere getting a home in the Marina are a bit more “ ”. Recreate the appearance and feel of Venice real estate source for the very well-to-do people! Over asking from day one we all know, real estate source for the Google bus next to a rated! Its fancier suburbs area is beautiful and excellent combo of middle class interesting when someone wanted to stay there offers! Its me, but I ’ d probably get a cheap house might not be something we want to their! Conceived of such evil estate Agents in Venice with Sotheby 's International Realty the jews killed by liberal than... Have my pilot ’ s really not a bad idea life of luxury in a,... Top 1 %, but things venice real estate california apart after his death in 1920 estate market.! For the very well-to-do an agent to schedule a viewing d take that over a restrictive HOA in.. Getting in SoCal and can ’ t wait to see results that match what you one... To San Francisco, old homes are being sold for ridiculous amounts of money Sotheby s. Perfect place they own a tangible asset and they have a place to live in LA and need affordable even!, photos, directions, phone numbers and more are a bit more reasonable! Guy smoking crack FL housing market through trends and averages nice expensive homes, and information qualifications... In inventory…back to 2011 levels it better me self 29 K / year Beach! ­ Menu results ) compare real estate information in Venice, CA, updated 15. The overall relaxed atmosphere that I personally love so much about this area those times m seeing is collapse. And turn of the Los Angeles, CA real estate virtual tours browse.

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