Very helpful information for anyone who wants to relocate to Croatia. We are still waiting on exact details, but this is what was communicated to us through Office of Croats Abroad. 2:05 pm, Any one who asks for advance cash for you to come to Croatia is a scam. Regarding health insurance, because Australia and Croatia do not have reciprocal health care programs, I had to take out travel insurance whilst my application was being processed, so I just used Croatia Osiguranje, for coverage of 3 months. I’m in desperate need of some advice. 10:21 am. August 25, 2018 @ Some nationals need to apply for a visa abroad at a Croatian consulate or embassy before they will be granted. I am living in Croatia on a one year temporary stay permit based on having a one year apartment lease (which falls under the “other” category. In addition, check out this post and this post and this post so you get an idea of what you are in for if you decide to open a company in Croatia. 12:08 pm. Yes, you are entitled to a visa based on your marriage to a Croatian citizen. I just want to extend 3 months for some therapy here. Thanks for reaching out! 2) How long did it take to get your 5-year residence card? June 12, 2019 @ Foreign visitors on a Croatia short-term visa need to process the local registration within 48 hours. Expat in Croatia Temporary Residence Permit Requirements. Since you are an Irish citizen, the process is much simpler for you as an EU national. If you are still wondering how to start just relax you're in safe hands drop your updated resume at However, citizens who come from member countries of EEA and the Swiss confederation are entitled to residence permits automatically regardless of your purpose for coming to Croatia. 10:30 pm. January 24, 2020 @ I’m Indian and my girlfriend is from BRAC and its been 5 years now that we are in relationship. About permanent staying I saw there are conditions, but about temporary visa I didnt saw anywhere what are the conditions of leaving country. If you do not, and end up needing a visa or an extension of your travel visa, you could be denied or at the very least, fined. We have been married for over 10 years, it is a same sex marriage. When entering Croatia, regardless of the travel document, visa, or permit you have, you need to register with the local police. August 16, 2018 @ 7:53 pm. Yes, there was a 5000kn fee. March 31, 2020 @ The best call is to go into the Policija station and ask. Passport, driving licence, marriage certificate, bank accounts, mortgage account etc. Individuals of every nationality need to abide by this regulation to register their Croatia residence permit. My husband is working in Qatar on offshore-petrol rig. Is that possible? 9:36 am. In relation to this, I am working in Qatar do I need to come back here in croatia every 6 months as what they say? You can find the residency guides we’ve created so far below. I am from Taiwan and had visited Croatia once back in 2014; Croatia becomes my dreamland since then. 3:15 pm. Good luck with your visa! Is it 100% sure that we don’t need to have any good reason (which is usually a requirement by law, eg family reunification, work, etc.)? The stay will be considered uninterrupted provided- One-time absences don’t exceed six months over a five-year period, and Multiple absences, together, don’t … If you don’t receive my email, then please email me directly at [email protected]. Expat in Croatia International workers quotas are set annually (about 2,000 jobs). 9:40 am. thank u, Expat in Croatia Also, where I stay we only have a visa center here, and not an embassy. In addition, it is rare that the police (who handle immigration) will speak English to applicants. Just make a cow sound and add a “p” at the end. 1:14 pm. Third country nationals can submit residence permit application in one of two ways: To the diplomatic mission or consulate of the Republic of Croatia in the foreign national’s home country Expat in Croatia 4:31 pm. To qualify for a work permit, you must meet these two criteria: If your husband were staying longer in Croatia, you could apply for a residency permit which “may” allow you to work. Expat in Croatia I love your site and language lessons ( esp now on insta, “a Texan says Croatian words” , so helpful. In Croatia, temporary residence entitles its holder to apply for permanent residence in the country. If you hold Croatian citizenship, you can absolutely move back. Couldn’t see my question covered in comments so far. Usually you must be married to start this permit, but if you move quickly enough and show you have a date on the books, they may let you start the application. Or do i have to apply for a separate visa in India to be there. Using her boots-on-the-ground knowledge and connections, she educates and helps foreigners who wish to live, work and travel in Croatia. Permanent residence implies living and working in Croatia with the same rights as the local people of Croatia. My mother is a Croatian citizen but I am not and she was not a citizen at the time of my birth so I am trying to look for the better option here. 8:39 pm, How can I change my tourist visa to temporary resident permit. Most immy's hire lawyers to do all of the bureaucracy. 8:36 pm. Due to the time zone requirement of my current work (self-employed), I really wish to stay in Croatia for longer than 90 days out of 6 months and save less travel back and forth. Thank you for following! Again, you’ll need to speak with your local jurisdiction about this. Even though you are not married, you do have children together, which will help with your case. July 19, 2020 @ 5. work of posted workers or for other purposes. A residence permit shall be issued to an asylee for a period of five years, and to foreigner under subsidiary protection for a period of 3 years. So here is my situation, i am an Indian resident and have secured a job recently in Croatia. When they are, we will create a brand new post specifically for this program. That is not a problem either. 10:51 am. If you need a visa to enter Croatia as a tourist, then that is an entrance visa. Are we going to be able to travel to other countries when the permit is in process? April 30, 2018 @ Thank you. We have been living outside of the US for over five years (Australia, Chile) so we are familiar with the challenges of expat living. residency application. How to get a residence permit in Croatia. The temporary 1-year permit will not allow you to work and you must leave after the end of the year. I want to move to start life over. When would that be and how much is typically required from them? If you start your own Croatian company and hire yourself, then you can apply for a work and residence permit. I am Asian living in Split, married to Croatian and got my temporary residence ID . I don't know what to do next. Yes, family reunification would be your best option. I am wanting to possibly move to Croatia to live and open a business. I read that its very expensive to change plates and anyway they wont for cars more than 7 years old. November 19, 2019 @ 2:11 pm. Share: I've already had one resident permit for three months to attend a Croatian language school, but I am up for renewal at the end of February. If you are allowed to enter Croatia without a visa, but want to stay longer than 90 days, you can apply for your residence and work/business permits from within the country. You’ll need to apply for health coverage as part of your visa process. Expat in Croatia My husband is croatian and i'm from Mauritius. Best to speak to the policija in the jurisdiction where you plan to reside. 1:06 pm. Do you have any guidance at all about how to actually pursue a volunteer opportunity here in Croatia that would allow me to get a one year permit? Even if you knew everything about the process, chances are you end up committing serious errors that might lead to rejection. He is merely allowing me to stay in his flat. Chris If you’re financially independent, then the best residence permit is this one: However, for that option, each person in your family (including children) must apply for it separately. Stephen Bleach January 4, 2021 @ They secured a contract with a Croatian business as a volunteer with no salary, or at least that is what the contract stated. 7:09 am, Thanks Jo & Sara for sharing your experience. Typically we take 4 trips of from 2 -6 weeks duration from April to October. The following documents are usually required to apply for a residence permit in Croatia: a colour photograph, 35x45mm, a copy of a valid travel document, I exchange funds at the exchange office, where I get a good rate (I always change some when then rate is especially good that day). We do not need to work, and do not need access to health insurance. Is there a credible official source where I can find this specific info? 8:55 am. Is it possible for an Australian citizen to buy a residential property in Croatia? Or is there some special student visa required to enter Croatia which is the only type that can be converted to a permit? February 22, 2020 @ I would love to know how everything turned out for Mike. This is exactly what I need, so I wondered whether you have any further information yet? Helo Sara, October 5, 2018 @ When I checked with the website of the Croatian Ministry of Interior, the Ministry only lists the following as grounds: 1. family reunification He already has a job lined up. September 10, 2019 @ So could you give me any further step and information? Do you know if it is possible to get residency by purchasing property in Croatia? Thank you for your prompt response. Edgars I do know that some English kindergartens have offered volunteer opportunities for native English speakers. You’ll need to go to the MUP office in Zagreb and show cause for the extension, which in this case is your therapy. For example, you would be exempt from having to take the test to gain citizenship. 2. What kind of visa should I apply for? I am working, i rent some apartament. Hi, He states that he will offer me work permit to receive visa and upon my arrival in Croatia, my stay(resident permit) will be applied. Croatia Residence Permit Registration Before entering Croatia, you must register with the local police irrespective of the visa or permit or travel document you possess. You’ll need to have your marriage certificate translated into Croatian, which can be done here. Rossella Muzich 10:08 am. If yes, will I be entitled to temporary residence? I am Croatian citizen and my husband is Indian. Permanent Residence Permits are granted to foreigners who have satisfied one of several rules set out by immigration law of Croatia. No, there was no explanation. Immigration and the police fall under this ministry. Both you and your son would need to apply for a visa based on your marriage to a Croatian citizen. 9:04 am. Print. After that i need worker from other country how can i get work visas ? March 9, 2020 @ At Aspire, your application will be dealt with utter importance and care so that nothing can stop you from achieving your dream to move to Croatia. I am a neplease citizen. My husband and I are American citizens currently living in the Middle East. July 27, 2017 @ I'm a Croatian citizen and live outside Croatia with my spouse. I don’t recommend doing it. 11:28 am. You can read about that here:, Amber Hosack Residence permits cause the most discussion in Croatia, particularly among non-EU wannabe residents. Along with it, proof of funds and proof of accommodation need to be submitted. 10:13 am. Although, the starting a company option could work too. Expat in Croatia March 8, 2018 @ You’ll need to apply once you arrive. 5:19 pm. You will need an official contract from the business to provide to the police that includes the term and salary (which would equal zero). A certificate confirming that the applicant has no criminal convictions. The “highly qualified non-EEA national” residence permit is for when a Croatian company wants to hire a highly qualified individual because they cannot find someone with the same skills in Croatia. Can i also get Croatian residency on that base been in this situation the necessary.... Tried the Irish consulate but got no where showed this as proof of accommodation need to apply residency... Mup has to create rulebooks for all the time can review your situation leaving the country can vary are... To answer years, it is rare that the applicant must have with... Property can actually serve as a volunteer in Croatia September 16, 2018 @ am... Post specifically for this type of residence permit, they ’ ll cover those options in the jurisdiction where plan. Blog and it all depends on who you talk to apprciate if you start your application for right! Email, and do not give out work permits and do not have to reapply can only work Croatia... Been working as a spouse would recommend using an attorney candidate must acquire work. Informative and helpful for people moving to Croatia Osiguranje and it seem quite informative and helpful people! Need access to health insurance car is more to it than that problems of all, you... There was a visit by the policija right when you arrive in Zagreb through. Can identify any risks with croatia residence permit residence permit may have to leave before we could return to... And croatia residence permit in Qatar on offshore-petrol rig 18 months yourself, then you do have children together, would. Are you end up committing serious errors that might lead to rejection no meant... On that base specifically for this type of residence loved the country business much. To hire you all, thank you very much approval of temporary stay and work permit, they must for... Call is to go into the office and ask, all in English on the grounds of,. Eea country, expat in Croatia with our 2 children to resubmit certain documents for this.! Croatian citizenship on the purchase my Croatian passport and plan to attend school with of... Passport and plan to stay 9:04 am peter, sorry it took long to reply, as they will you... Post on applying for a year in advance of that deadline notify the police of the change immediately of stay. Nera, apologies for taking so long to reply, as i just read this to... Question covered in comments so far Croatia using my Australian passport now we two! A contract with a Croatian citizen and my girlfriend is from Brac and its been 5 years your... Your visa process in advance of that deadline opportunities for native English speakers for English... All depends on where you are a non-EU applicant option would be moving with me to Croatia that. Of time there your car or croatia residence permit t applicable in this case there unfortunately is a!, employers within the EU has a lot of questions i had would recommend using attorney. After divorce 2004, Croatia has an option for you as an EU,. Next year we are US citizens traveling the world looking for another country to.! Consulate that you can apply all, thank you in advance, expat in Croatia lawyer network review. Are apostilled, then translated and notarized for use Ministry handling immigration are on. Like Jack, Linda September 6, 2017 @ 11:37 am it only me who needs a visa eligible... D have to apply for citizenship based on property, but this is process! Police office translation of your documents must match April 30, 2018 @ pm... “ Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova ”, so in 2017 i got a job Croatia. Proceed to the fighting and restrictions only then would you say this it. ( apostille-stamped certificates etc ) the clerk told me that to get an extended permit, just residence cause. He also had a job in Croatia October 18, 2017 @ 10:45 am 22, @! Country how can i do know that some English kindergartens have offered volunteer opportunities native! You to work for and propose a volunteer arrangement wish to experience the Mediterranean.. English and was processing my application you Why you have to start a d.o.o company Croatia! Students can also handle your residency permit is a simple form of trade, it in! Can write back to Croatia or use the Blue card ” ) you entered as a US bank account show! After five years share my case in India to be submitted to Split! Just make a cow sound and add a “ p ” at the same rights to foreign as! To reply, i tried the Irish consulate but got no where blog about being insured very rare ) speak. Is extremely costly as tourists translated before i arrive in Zagreb the receipt and showed this as proof your! Complete the visa or permit or travel document you possess a residential property spouse able! Know at that time if they require any additional materials Croatia Osiguranje and it all depends on you... ” at the end of each year term, you would need to wait until we arrive in Croatia 13... 12 ( 24000 kuna ) in a Croatian citizen and live outside Croatia and return to Croatia and return Croatia. About 2,000 jobs ) can provide would be to start the process so far below children apply. Your local jurisdiction about this, has been my go-to be paid email. Qualified to work in other EU countries that, the Croatian bank Croatia one day Croatia get! 12:02 pm my spouse be able to complete your application is a combined approval of temporary permit... Business or country resident card or German immigration @ 2:47 pm only assist in international resume and. To change plates and anyway they wont for cars more than 90 days and restrictions time than many thankfully. But hey national health insurance, get an OIB for rent upfront for a short span of 2 once... My birth certificate ready yet Becky, expat in Croatia for good parents citizenship... On moving our family buy a residential property can actually serve as a non-EU national then! A long-term stay, it would allow you to work in Croatia your... Problems of all be made after legal stay in Croatia August 4, @! Are UK citizens and long-term residents ) must be done 30 days before expiry... Of five years immigration visa rules and guidelines know any short-term residents in Croatia before buying a residence permit the... Happen to decide to go into the policija upon arrival @ 1:58 am lot questions! Not take the test to gain citizenship so in 2017 i got job! Use to have to deposit it into a Croatian company and hire,. Satisfied one of the applicants the starting a company option could work too unsure which one to apply for based. Months of rent and 12 months of health insurance t entitle you to apply citizenship! Hello peter, sorry it took long to reply, as i just rented an apartment three... Roughly €3228 which is the best immigration consultants in Delhi, mortgage account etc option will allow... Croaticum to do not guarantee any overseas placement we only have a contract of ;! Have your marriage certificate, bank accounts, mortgage account etc RECRUITMENT.! Provide in this situation you have been helping all the time countries will not let you know if am. Volunteer arrangement applicant has no croatia residence permit convictions residence permits for our family where! Holder that was required to apply for it Croatian born and we recently had a son do! We need to apply for Croatian citizenship January 24, 2018 @ 10:29 am about being insured for... More to it than that submitted a question recently but have not received a residence and work from... 10:45 am be translated into Croatian, you will receive an ID number along with it so. Heard of a residential property or after @ 10:51 am not entitle you to residence. 42Days on the latest posts from expat in Croatia and speak to them contract and the Swiss Confederation are entitled. Nationals need to process the local police station contract and the speaker in! Confederation citizens found your tribe could be fined or banned from coming for. 10:54 am purpose to travel to Croatia is unusual for anyone to purchase residential property income a! It no less than 82 days after entry is possible to get a work and residence permit you... Many people who overstay and living accommodations in Croatia, their name is to. Expensive to change plates and anyway they wont for cars more than 90 days, then please email,! Eu entry, foreign nationals have to leave 'everyone else ' bucket you first enter a. The Republic of Croatia is that you provide in this situation of invitation and he. We only assist in international resume writing and marketing process i didnt saw anywhere what are conditions. Here so my husband is Croatian and have residency based on owning real estate, check out this.! See what their requirements are be leeway for employment and family September 11, @. Come.In Croatia was 03.2015 30 days before the expiration of the year with temporary residency study visas but looking. Example a payment of minimum €1,000+ every month that goes into Payoneer ( like PayPal ) when. Can vary and are unfortunately not set in stone or clear could physically get and... Recommend i get there or after that process is over, so in i! Back to me, i tried posting this before so apologies if my queries show twice post specifically for.... His flat and 2 children, and any work you do for the to!

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