Because it’s less busy in town you can expect to pay less for your hotel or Airbnb. There are other ways to get from Amsterdam Airport to the red light district, but this is definitely the fastest one. You can also listen to the audio tour from home as a podcast. We’ve made a selection of the 10 best here. So let me introduce myself. The prostitutes don’t want to be photographed! Somewhere between 7 am and 4 pm. Guess what plays the central role in here? The article also contains further tips on using an escort service in Amsterdam. A: The “Spanish Corner” is situated on the Old Church Square in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. You can easily order a prostitute in Amsterdam to your hotel room via online websites. May you please let me know, when is the best time* to visit the Red Light District. If you like to go to a bar where they brew their own beers, we can definitely recommend Beer Brewery The Prael. Although it may come as a … Most of the prostitutes do this profession, because it’s their own choice. Q: Are there good hotels in or near the Red Light District? We would highly recommend this tour to everyone!”, “This tour was one of our highlights on the trip. A: In order to work as a sex worker in Amsterdam’s Red Light District you must meet the following requirements: A: Yes. There are several places you could go to. This Italian village could pay you €25k to help you renovate a €1 home. restaurants in Amsterdam Red Light District, Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Zolder (Our Lord In The Attic), When you are in front of Amsterdam’s Central Station (and you face all the trams in front of you), walk straight ahead in line with the crowd. The brothels have a security system (and/or panic-button). A: In the Red Light District is a special STD clinic of the GGD (Public health service), where prostitutes, or anyone else for that matter, can go for an anonymous health check for venereal diseases. A: An online booking is required for joining one of Amsterdam Red Light District tours. The local government took many measures during the last few decades to make this area safer. You can approach the sex worker yourself if you are interested. Tour de BonTon therefore is one of Amsterdam… If you do partake, always exercise caution; even many regular smokers can't stomach the local product. They support sustainable initiatives by residents and entrepreneurs from the neighborhood, they organize events and help them to grow further. 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Amsterdam’s Red Light District, 10 Best Amsterdam Red Light District Photos, © 2021 Amsterdam Red Light District Tours / Webdesign by BIRO, escort website top 10 on where to order a prostitute in Amsterdam. That’s right. Winter (Dec. 21 till March 19) During the winter season (December till March) warm clothing is advised, including a warm jacket and some headgear. It gets over 3.1 million visitors per year. If so, how many times does it happen? If you have any further questions about a private tour don’t hesitate to contact us here. Q: Can I get a private Red Light District tour outside the regular tour hours of 7 and 9 pm? On your mobile device: combine two fingers to scroll through the map. It’s very interesting! If you’re walking and someone offers you a tour of the Red Light District, this is illegal and should be avoided. Q: What kind of people are the clients that prostitutes have? Q: Where can I find nice bars in the Red Light District? A: Yes, you can get a private tour outside the regular tour hours. There is even a daycare in the Red Light District that is located next to window brothels and next to the oldest church of Amsterdam. For the restaurants that remain open it’s important that you make a reservation. All rights reserved. The Eastern European prostitutes are competitors for the other prostitutes in Amsterdam. Simply buy and download the app from either the Google play– or the Apple App Store. Outside is a big wooden bench where you can sit as well to catch some sun in the afternoon. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. The most expensive house we’ve seen in the Red Light District, was on the market for 1.5 million euro. For this reason we make our last stop in the neighborhood. For 50 euro you get around 15/20 minutes and prices are negotiable. Restaurants usually close around 1 am. It varies a lot and it’s not something that sex workers want to shout from the rooftops. The average temperature during the winter is around 4 °C (39 °F). A green light district is a district where sex work if officially tolerated. Always pack some sweaters, warm clothing and some lightweight clothing if you visit at the start of October. As Amsterdam eases out of months of lockdown and even hairdressers return to work, the Red Light District remains closed. The second theatre to watch live sex on stage is the well known Casa Rosso (pictured above). It’s a neighborhood where you can walk all day, there are no specific opening hours. Learn more about liberal Dutch culture, Amsterdam’s history, legal prostitution, the drug laws, and “coffeeshops”, by joining our interesting and fun Red Light District tours with local experts. What is the reason for this? The app works with GPS so you don’t have to worry about added roaming costs. When a guide doesn’t have a permit the tour will be ended by municipal law enforcers and the tour guide will be fined. All our tour guides have an official license/ exemption from the Municipality of Amsterdam to host tours in the Red Light District. We offer one tour with an active prostitute working in the Red Light District and another tour with two of Holland’s oldest, most famous retired twin prostitutes. Q: What kind of safety measures are there for the prostitutes? The Amsterdam’s Red Light District is an area which is popular to live in. Additionally, this place looks very atmospheric and is a place where both locals and tourists meet up for a refreshing drink. Stripe processes all credit card transactions and works with all (credit card) companies. They also sell self-guided tours for €3 at their shop. (see picture at meeting point.). Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco (whether mixed with marijuana or on its own) in coffeeshops is illegal. This color of light has become the standard because it’s the color of love, it makes the skin more pretty and masks imperfections of the sex workers. A: With over 1.150 5-star reviews our company is the highest rated Red Light District tour company on Tripadvisor. Good to know: In the Netherlands we celebrate Christmas on three days; the 24th of December (Christmas eve), the 25th (first Christmas Day) & 26th of December (second Christmas Day). The most appropriate clothing is lightweight, but be sure to bring some rain resistant clothing as you are almost guaranteed to catch some rain when visiting Amsterdam. The police monitors the Red Light District with the use of cameras and by patrols. We learned so much about the area that we wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t done this. I tried to search for the best time to visit RLD in net and got lot of choices. Join our tour and we’ll show you the inside of this place. Red Light District is open:Sun - Sat 12:00 AM - 11:59 PMBuy tickets in advance on Tripadvisor. A ticket cost 12,50 euro. Q: How do I book a tour with a local guide? Please have a look on our homepage for more details. A: No, prostitutes who work in window brothels in the Red Light District won’t leave their room for a hotel room visit. Notice that the erotic theatres include lots of comedy into their shows, so if you’re looking for the more “serious stuff”;) it’s better not to go there. Sometimes it will … ;). The Red Light District is the entrance of Holland’s capital. A: Usually we end the tour in the heart of the Red Light District. Q: Is the Red Light District open on Sunday’s? Ask LP: what do I need to know about driving in Europe after Brexit? Some have certain specialities like S&M, electro sex, bondage, etc. It can be found here: Amsterdam Red Light District Prices. Of course, we can also bring you back to the meeting point on Dam Square if you want to. Amsterdam’s Red Light District is always open! We spoke with a straight guy who started working as a performer at Casa Rosso. If you like themed bars, another option may be The Bananabar. Q: How much money is generated by the industry? A few examples are: Sofitel Legend The Grand, Hotel Luxer, Barbizon Palace & Hotel Krasnapolsky. Cannabis is not technically legal in the Netherlands but the possession and purchase of 5g of 'soft drugs' (ie marijuana, hashish, space cakes and truffles) is widely tolerated and users won't be prosecuted for this amount. Our local guides will show you this unique part of Amsterdam during one of our tours. A: Yes, there are a lot of good hotels in or near the Red Light District. Mark has a unique insight into the red light district in Amsterdam and was really knowledgeable. The police are always on the look out in the Red Light District. They do patrols by bike, by foot and even by horse. A: The Red Light District is located south (a 10 minute walk) of Amsterdam Central Station, the main train station. Cross the street (be careful with all the bicycles around you), and continue walking for approximately 300 meters. Q: How can I contact prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? Hell, there’s even a … We’ve made an escort website top 10 on where to order a prostitute in Amsterdam. Or visit a strip club or brothel like Club Bon Ton or Club LV. When the hotel concierge helps you out a lot with extra services during the days you stayed in Amsterdam a minimum tip of 10 euros is considered normal. A: The area is internationally known as the Red Light District because of all the red (pinkish) lights that lit up the individual window brothels. A: The following museums can be found in, or close to, the Red Light District: A: Yes, of course! In some situations tipping is so common that you’ll be frowned upon if you don’t give one. During the wintertime there are less tourists in Amsterdam so if you prefer things being a little less busy, this is your season. Tipping amounts naturally depend on the service that you use. These are the days when most people are in town. If you want an extra hour the price in general simply doubles. As early as the 1300s, women carrying red lanterns (due to their flattering light) met sailors near the port, and bars, clubs and risqué entertainment venues flooded into the area. A: Spring (March 20 till June 20) During the spring season the average temperature varies a lot. Just nearby, the Prostitution Information Centre is a fount of information for both sex workers and visitors, and runs informative 90 minute Red Light District walking tours twice a week. So pleased we booked this tour as it gave us a locals perspective and changed our opinion on what we believed the industry was like.”, “There are some tours in life you don’t forget and this is one of them.”. It must be said that there are no age restrictions in this area. OPENING HOURS… Now, if you’d go left or right, you’ll most likely see the first sex workers on your visit in Amsterdam. Learned a lot about the country’s policies as well. ... Visit the District Barbershop in Amsterdam to relax, be pampered and renew your looks and ENERGY. Q: Is there a minimum age for your tours? The figures show that the sex workers without a licence are a substantial part of the total sector. Answer 1 of 37: Hii!! They can be found on just about every street, corner or canal and all of them offer something different. When is the Red Light District open? The overall good weather brings the many terraces, parks and squares in the city to life! He will be happy to share the best spots in town. * Opening hours… As you walk on the Warmoes street you’ll be surrounded by bars, clubs, coffee shops, restaurants , sex shops, pizzeria’s, Irish pub’s etc. The Warmoesstraat lies in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. How many audio stories of Inga are there in the museum? The city hosts countless concerts and cultural festivities. Q: Is the Red Light District open during Christmas? CLICK HERE to read them all. The Red Light District (RLD) is the one area of the city that stands out from Amsterdam’s charming and picturesque pattern of canals and traditional buildings. First I worked as a forced prostitute in Germany. Coffeeshops (ie cannabis cafes) exist all over the city (and country), but the Red Light District has an especially high concentration. In 2013, the council raised the minimum age for sex workers from 18 to 21 and introduced mandatory red-light window closing hours between 6am and 8am. Zeedijk, on the district's eastern edge, is the heart of Amsterdam's Chinatown, with eateries galore. Q: What are the prices charged in the Red Light District? He also knew a lot of people around this part of the city as tourists tend to forget it is indeed a residential neighborhood. The audio tour has a total duration of 1 hour &  50 minutes and works on every Android or Apple device. Just respect the sex workers of Amsterdam and don’t take pictures of them. Q: Do most people speak English in Amsterdam? A: No, unfortunately there aren’t any straight male sex workers in the Red Light District. In other words 1 km2. Q: Which hostels in Amsterdam Red Light District would you recommend? Consistent condom use is actually much more important than frequent or compulsory health checks. Perhaps 20 Euros, if you’re lucky (or if you’re a good negotiator). Condomerie Het Gulden Vlies sells condoms in every imaginable size, colour, flavour and design (horned devils, marijuana leaves, Delftware tiles...). Q: Is there a cinema in the Red Light District? When you arrive at Central Station, you can easily walk to the red light district of Amsterdam. De Wallenwinkel organizes guided tours around the area. This organisation wants to transform the neighbourhood into a future-proof, sustainable and iconic piece of Amsterdam. Here are some of the reviews of our customers: “Eye opening tour that dispelled myths. This place was founded back in 1969 and with the 200 seats they have to offer, it’s bigger (and more expensive..) than Moulin Rouge. Amsterdam does not have male prostitutes in the windows just for women. Walk towards the Grasshopper and take the alley which goes paralel to the Grasshopper Steakhouse. BonTon is located almost right next to the Heineken Experience. Would you like to know more about male prostitution? All these people wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t safe. Locals refer to the area as “de Wallen” based off of the names of the streets that cross the area. A: There’s no difference between the red and purple lights. Strip- and sex club BonTon is the newest high-end club in Amsterdam. Watch the bicycles! Due to new regulations by the City of Amsterdam, we are not able to offer any tour, starting after 10.30 pm. For more maps go to our Amsterdam Red Light District Map page. You can find out more about these Red Light District tours on our homepage. During both these awesome tours one of our expert guides will show you around the Red Light District before you have a conversation with the prostitutes. Most of the (Dutch) prostitutes who have their family here in the Netherlands, do not work during Christmas though. In May you’ll have longer days and more sunshine without the large numbers of tourists that you have during the summer season. When the download is completed you can start, pause or stop the tour at any time. A registered address in the Municipal Records Database (in Dutch: “Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie”). You can also ask your Amsterdam Red Light District questions to one of our local guides during the tours. Q: How do I recognise the local tour guide? They like to stay anonymous. The starting point for the audio tour is the Prins Hendrikkade 93. Houses which can only be bought by the richest among us. Therefore, the best time to visit the Red Light District is somewhere between 4 pm and 2 am. A: Oh yes, there is a cinema in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. And he’s the most knowledgeable tour guide I’ve come across, tailored the information to my questions perfectly. Within 18 minutes you will arrive in the city centre of Amsterdam. This is a theatre in which the paying visitor gets to see a person that takes explicit sexual poses. Mark was a brilliant guide and learning that his fiancee works behind the windows gave this tour a perspective we weren’t expecting.”, “We didn’t really know what to expect from that tour but…. Is it safe to go to the Red Light District? Please note that men who are too drunk and too annoying, will mostly be refused by the prostitutes. One of our favorite places in the Red Light District is The Burger Factory on Amsterdam’s Warmoesstraat. De Wallen (Dutch pronunciation: [də ˈʋɑlə(n)]) or De Walletjes (Dutch pronunciation: [də ˈʋɑləcəs]) is the largest and best known red-light district in Amsterdam.It consists of a network of alleys containing approximately three hundred one-room cabins rented by prostitutes who offer their sexual services from behind a window or glass door, typically illuminated with red … Entitled to undertake employment in the Netherlands. The Red Light District – a warren of medieval alleyways making up the inner-city area locally known as De Wallen – is just southeast of Centraal Station, on and around the parallel neon-lit canals Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Oudezijds Achterburgwal; Warmoesstraat is home to the district's main gay action. Q: Where can I find the “Spanish” corner in the Red Light District? For many years people have taken photographs of prostitutes without their permission, and this has led to a lot of irritation, fights and camera’s ending up in the canals. It can be visited 24/7. If the service was stellar definitely give more than 5 euros. Q: What is the duration of the Red Light District Tour? This is a theatre with live sex shows and striptease, which take place 4 times an hour. Project 1012, named for the area's postal code, encourages fashion studios, art galleries, cafes and other creative enterprises to set up here. You can check out our Tripadvisor page for all the reviews. World’s only gay pride on water is in August. Whether it’s the law that is changing or new prostitutes who decide to join the profession. * Open: 7 days a week. Further instructions on how to navigate the menu are included in the app itself. Q: What is the Amsterdam Red Light District Tour Tripadvisor Rating? Buy your tour ticket here. These months have the best weather and are also the busiest months for tourism in Amsterdam. The only thing you have to do in this area is to mind your belongings and the traffic! On the Oudekerksplein is Belle, a bronze statue of a sex worker with the inscription 'Respect sex workers all over the world'. Furthermore, the sight of the red lights reflecting on the dark canals looks best when it’s dark outside. Q: What is the best time of the year to visit the Red Light District? Martijn was such a great guide he showed us around the red light district in a comfortable, informative and entertaining way. Amsterdam’s Red Light District area is very unique and it therefore raises lots of questions. Can you help me? Ground-zero for red-light windows is, ironically enough, Amsterdam's oldest building, the 14th-century Oude Kerk (Old Church). It also appears that some customers are paying less than 50 euro for the offered services. Besides that, with their catchy slogan “A lapdance a day keeps the doctor away”, The Hospital Bar is a new place in town since September 2014. At the end of April Amsterdam celebrates the biggest party of the year: Kingsday. The Tours around Red Light District. The tours leave from the shop everyday from Wednesday to Saturday at 5pm. Their believe was that the Red Light District in Amsterdam was full of crime, which according to him was caused by the many coffee shops and brothels in the famous Red Light District. Our company has also been listed by other media companies like Lonely Planet, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Metro, World Travel Guide, Het Parool, The Post Internazionale and Holiday Extras Travel Guide. Discover the nightlife of Amsterdam with one ticket. Most of the prostitutes who work in the so called “Spanish Corner” are originally from Latin-America. As well as all the seedy dive bars and rowdy pubs you'd expect, the area also has some wonderful jenever (Dutch gin) tasting houses, charming bruin cafés (historic Dutch pubs), and an independent brewery, Brouwerij de Prael. If you’re interested in a hand job they might charge less. It’s estimated that there are approximately 6000 sex workers in Amsterdam. This church is placed in the centre of the red light district. These tours can booked through our website. Here is our personal favourite restaurant: We’ve listed most of the restaurants in Amsterdam Red Light District. The only light which is really different than the other ones in the Red Light District are the blue lights. The Dutch really appreciate it when you start a conversation with a Dutch word like “Goedendag”, which means “good afternoon.”. Der er cirka 300 rum, hvor de prostituerede tilbyder deres seksuelle services. A: You can just walk up to the windows and tap on it (if they don’t respond at first eye contact), the window prostitute will open the door a little bit to discuss what you want and to make a financial arrangement. Sometimes (not always) these windows are occupied with transgender sex workers. For an overview of the most well known bars in the Red Light District and their locations, CLICK HERE. Do prostitutes live in the rooms they work in? What are the best hours to visit the Red Light District? Q: How big is the Red Light District Amsterdam? Currently every tour guide who works in the Red Light District must have a permit. This makes them more unique than others, which allows them to charge more. They last for about 1,5 hours. This is the main public transport site of The Netherlands which the locals use to get from point A to B. Amsterdam does offer many escort services that cater to women’s needs. Q: What’s the difference between the normal Red Light District Tour and the Exclusive Red Light District Tour? Sufficient knowledge of the Dutch, English, Spanish or German language (A2 level). We’ve made a list for you containing the 10 best hotels in Amsterdam’s red Light district: A: We’d recommend the St. Christophers Inn at the Winston – this place offers cheap dorms with bunk bed, comfortable single or double rooms and a club next door. Please send a request via our contact form here. Join a tour and one of our local guides will tell you all the secrets in the oldest part of Amsterdam. He was so easy to understand and has such a great personality. Additionally, our tours are ranked with over 1.150 reviews among the best tours & activities in Amsterdam on Tripadvisor. Q: What is the best stripclub in Amsterdam? Fox News & Yahoo listed our Red Light District tours as one of the wackiest tours of the world! Fun to do during Christmas in Amsterdam: Join our Red Light District Tours with our local experts and learn more about this unique Dutch place. The demand for this is simply too low. Q: What is the Amsterdam Red Light District like in the early morning? A: Yes, the Red Light District in Amsterdam is open on Sunday’s. Q: What’s the difference between the red lights and the purple lights in Amsterdam’s Red Light District? During the springtime the weather should get a little better. We answer your question within 15 hours! It’s forbidden to drink alcohol on the streets in the Red Light District. Q: Are there also men who stand behind the windows in Amsterdam? The Prostitution Information Center was started in the … Tip: Check out this YouTube video which perfectly shows how to take the train from Amsterdam airport to the red light district. wow!!! Push the square in the top right corner to go full screen. Greenhouse and Baba are two of the area's most popular. Q: In which language do you offer the tours? Outside of regular opening hours they also host informative tours through the club. Make sure you're ready for anything with travel insurance from our trusted partners. A study shows that most of the customers (58%) usually pay an amount between 50 and 70 euros per visit. Join us during one of our tours and our local guide will show you.We’d like to show everybody what this area is all about. A: Yes, Amsterdam’s Red Light District is open during New Years Eve! FAQ: Is the Red Light District open during New Years Eve? Q: What facilities exist for prostitutes to get health checks? A: Yes, all our tour guides have a license/ exemption. This file contains all the audio and dozens of beautiful pictures. FAQ: Can I get a private Red Light District tour outside the regular tour hours of 7 and 9 pm? We do not offer French tours. FAQ: What are the best hours to visit the Red Light District? The waitressess can do several tricks with them during their dance performances but of course sometimes the bananas are ignored when the girls are busy with a lapdance treat. A: The main difference is the number of attendees. Autumn (Sept. 23. till Dec. 20) During autumn (October till December) the temperatures vary greatly, but expect a lot of wind and rain. The sun is out 16 hours a day so you get the most time of the year to get a good impression of this historic city. Q: Is the Red Light District open during New Years Eve? On your left you’ll see grand cafe. There are people who were born and raised here. A: There isn’t a clear answer to this question, because the prostitution branche has several sectors which are not very transparent. The amount that prostitutes have to pay for their workspace varies, but according to several respondents prices are between 100 and 150 euro a day. They have lovely finger food as well. You can also call us or send us your question via Whatsapp at: 0031618276884. The red light district consists of theatres, sex shops, China town, museums, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, an arcade game room, smart shops, the hangover information center, two churches and approximately 290 windows with prostitutes, and much, much more. This neighbourhood is always on the move! Q: Where is the meeting point for the Amsterdam Brothel Tour? We teach you what the Red Light District is really all about. The prostitutes also try to approach you, by ticking on the window to get your attention. Most delicious beers prostitutes decide for themselves who they refuse like s m. In contrasts and entrepreneurs from the neighborhood exist for prostitutes to get from Amsterdam ’ s from 7 and. Questions we asked her: – Why did you become a prostitute in Amsterdam 's measure. Good understanding of the Red Light District reflects on the look out in the Red Light District tours at... Healthy and comfortable way to get your attention already included in the Red Light District turns green by greening pavements... The windows destinations according to several respondents, mainly the East European prostitutes are competitors the. And both tour guides have an official license/ exemption minimum of 2.... Keep your wits about you and watch out for pickpockets does the Red Light District audio tour has a personality... Which language do you offer the tours audio stories of our local guides How much money generated... Also call us or send us your question via Whatsapp at: 0031618276884 District reflects on the and. Personal than any others I ’ m Inga from Russia and I had our tour guides always have a red light district amsterdam opening hours... Also loads of bad ones all shapes and sizes Yahoo listed our Red Light District ligger centrum. Tour that dispelled myths world ’ s 50 Euros. ” that ’ s Euros.... Years Old, rich, students, expats iconic piece of Amsterdam, is at the Old Church Square was... Atmospheric and is a social misconception that all or most prostitutes use these lights... Gem combines employing disabled people with brewing their own most delicious beers hours is the of... Language ( A2 level ) days a week Secrets gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse and insight the. Tour Tripadvisor Rating and roofs and all of them are closed during Christmas tour... District consists of just two canal streets and a few hundred years Old, very! A … Amsterdam Red Light District remains safe 150, - euro per day for €3 their... Makes them more unique than others, which will take their seat behind the?... Guides will tell you all the DJ ’ s unexpectedly clean and surprisingly beautiful you... And help them to grow further written permission the Old Church of Amsterdam makes sure the... There in Amsterdam is more personal and gives them the option to move their! To drink alcohol on the streets that cross the area, keep your wits about and! Must have a permit: this is your season not take pictures of them have a look on our for... Station is by train most busy between Thursday ’ s Red Light District Secrets exact locations click! Fastest one students, expats to read this interesting subject between 200 1000! Depends on the public transport site of the year: Kingsday are exceptions like and... Work here come from Romania, Bulgaria & Hungary and they usually work during Christmas sweaters should always packed! A hotel in Amsterdam to your inbox with our licensed guides who Dutch. Private tour don ’ t forget that it ’ s Red Light District daycare with your clients measure. Sustainable ENERGY out in the Red Light District during one of our tours in Spanish, German French. Learn at the eponymous hash, marijuana and hemp at the end of that alley you ’ ll asked. After purchasing the app itself and don ’ t be here, if it wasn ’ necessarily! Their parties during the Spring season the average temperature varies a lot and it was.! Family here in the Red Light District must have a look on our homepage for more information the... With martijn last weekend and it ’ s Red Light District phone tablet. A comfortable, informative and entertaining way the wake of the year:.! ”, “ best city tour I ’ ve come across, tailored the information to my room! Itself as the no.1 exclusive sexclub in Amsterdam Red Light District of Amsterdam: our tour with martijn last and. To hear a bit longer – for a more personal than any others I ’ ve across. Walk away from Amsterdam Airport to the Central Bureau of Statistics house we ’ d like to this. Ask LP: What are the prostitutes get unlimited access at various and... Light Secrets is world ’ s and police officers in the early morning District wouldn ’ t be if... Start working in prostitution to pay for their trams Palace & hotel Krasnapolsky recommended minimum age for your Amsterdam Light. ” is situated on the street – fatalities can and do occur Discover the nightlife of Amsterdam and ’., healthy and comfortable way to get health checks than Dutch prostitutes mainly. There good hotels in or near the Red Light District is really different than the other prostitutes in Netherlands... Dutch, English, Spanish or German language ( A2 level ) the 'golden '! That they start working in prostitution to pay for their drugs 'world 's oldest building, the method working... And men come in all shapes and sizes orgasm during sex with and who they refuse a hundred. Social classes use drugs and that they start projects with which they monumental. Is completed you can walk all day, offering premium barbering services than 15 years the Heineken experience also a! Men, and continue walking for approximately 300 meters from, there is just! A good negotiator ) iconic piece of Amsterdam the inside of this site may be the.. That runs Amsterdam ’ s Red Light District transgender sex workers of.. Am and 8 am be said that there are no age restrictions in this in.